120 Hour On-Site TESOL Course

The four-week Onsite TESOL course offers a high-quality practical training. The program involves daily study sessions in which trainees learn teaching methodology, classroom management, lesson planning and various teaching models or framework. The greater portion of the time is spent on preparing, teaching, and evaluating classes. 

The Onsite program is offered daily for 4 weeks or Saturday only class for 16 weekends.

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120 Hour Online TESOL Course

The modular Online TESOL program is one of its kind, it is a hybrid ladderized-course ideal to those budget conscious yet won't compromise the quality of the training. The course can be taken as modular self-paced training or if you like trainer-led. Get TESOL Certified anytime, anywhere!

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120 Hour Combined TESOL Course

The Combined TESOL course connects on-line with on-site training. The program's principles and theories are presented in the ITTI Textbook. The Workbook contains the trainee's insights and learning. The online sessions cover the theoretical background of the program. After the completion of the theory segment, the trainee needs to visit the training center for 3-5 days for practical teaching. Also, it is possible to or show proof of demo teaching if done at the trainee’s own place. The combined course features the same components as an on-site course and results in 120-hour TESOL certification.

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NOTE: Online courses are delivered one-on-one or by group, self-paced.  The course is

also tailor-fit to the trainee's needs and available time.


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