How a Teacher Challenges Covid-19

"Filipino ako, Virus kalang!"

One of the many famous jokes in the Philippines in this time of crisis. This is how some people cope up with what is happening around them. Others are taking this situation lightly to lighten up the burden, while there are those who are rising up against the challenge.

Effie Magatao, a Davaoena-mom, entrepreneur and teacher has showed how resourceful, creative and resilient Filipinos can be. When the Philippines began to feel the seriousness of this disease, there was shortage of face masks. She started sewing to augment the demand to help the frontliners and the people needing them. Thanks to her artistry and skills in arts and crafts.

However, she needs to move forward and live a life inline with her passion. She then decided to start her Online Tutorial business, J-em's Online Learning Hub. She first conducted FREE classes and now is running paid lessons. The target market are the children in the neighborhood who are under quarantine. Truly, ones a teacher will always be a teacher. How else can she best serve the community but through her teaching skills while helping the finances of her family.

"The only limit to yourself is you."

All of us are in this deep crisis and nobody is certain until when will this end. Despite the challenge, we must be like Effie, independent, solution-driven. No challenge is greater than what ones skills and determination can achieve.

Effie, your ITTI Philippines family and the Teacher Training Inc. wish to congratulate you in this new endeavor. Good luck!

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Personal note:

In 2019, Effie took her #ITTI#TESOL training to better her teaching skills and to widen her horizons of opportunities. She dreamt of traveling abroad while teaching. Hitting two birds with one stone as they say. Almost a year later, now she is able to use and reap the fruit of her labor, her investment in professional development in this time of uncertainties.

all pictures are credited to Effie

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