How I became an accidental Teacher

I consider myself as an accidental teacher. I graduated with a degree in Computer Science, and worked in the BPO industry for 2 months and quit.

Fate brought me to teaching out of circumstance and to cut the long story short, I fell in love. Years have past, 15 years and counting. I have ventured and worked in different industries but they were short lived endeavors. I still keep coming back to my first love, teaching.

I never thought I would find teaching and training to be a fulfilling profession. When I was still in my teens and couldn't decide what course to take in university. Teaching was never one of the choices.

Fortunately, I realized early on that teaching is for me. It took me just a few months after I graduated and quit from my first job. I told myself that I wanted to pursue this career after my first taste of what it is like to be in an English as a Second Language class. Then, I sent myself to a teacher training university, got my license and went ahead to complete the academic requirements in Masters in Education Major in English Language Teaching.

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life", Confucius.

This exactly describes how I am living my life since I decided to be a teacher. And, when I train and mentor those aspiring teachers, I try to impart to them the feeling I have towards the profession. An inspired teacher, towards his/her profession will radiate the same to his/her students. We need to keep the fire from burning deep within.

I was delighted when I chanced upon Tacito's post looking for an iTTi TESOL Training partner. The more I got motivated after our short talk because we shared the same vision pertaining to teacher training and teaching in general. I am very thankful to iTTi for all the support they have extended to iTTi Philippines. I am hoping to be working with them for as long as we can.

Now, as the Country Director of iTTi Philippines, we only have one goal and that is: to be good at what we are doing, to be better, to be the BEST!

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