Inspiring Story: Hazel

"Chase your dreams and embrace what's new". This is the mantra of Hazel when I got the chance to have a chat with her one Sunday afternoon.

Hazel is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. However, she was not able to practice her degree since she got married soon after and became a devoted wife to her husband and a doting mother to her children.

Teaching came into mind when her children were growing up as she became their tutor at home when they have homework. This gave her a glimpse of how rewarding it is to be a teacher. Thus, in September 2019, she joined the 3rd iTTi Philippines' TESOL training in Davao City.

I remember she was a reluctant and shy trainee. She seems worried about the demand of the program, how to pass and make it. But, you can never miss the burning passion in her eyes and the way she talks about her excitement in teaching. Her desire and perseverance paid off. She passed! She got her TESOL certification.

In February 2020, she flew to Thailand with her children, supposedly as a stop over before going to Dubai to follow her husband. With the twist of fate, it was not pushed through, instead she got hired as a kindergarten teacher. Then Covid 19 pandemic happened. As it got worsen the schools in Thailand suspended their classes in March. This set back never put her down, armored with patience, the whole family stayed until the present.

Last July 2020, schools went back to normal operation. Now, Hazel is back to teaching together with her husband. The children are also doing homeschooling.

Hazel, is an example of a mom who never gave up on her dream amidst the challenges, not even a Pandemic. Truly an Inspiring Woman. Good luck. Your iTTi Philippines is proud of you.

written and posted by: Ace

thanks to Hazel for the pictures

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