#OEC Requirements

flag raising ceremony in the Embassy of the Philippines in Hanoi
Philippine Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam

Tet Holiday in #Vietnam is fast approaching and many Filipinos are taking this chance to go home and spend time with their family. However, they are worried about the requirements in getting Overseas Employment Certificate or #OEC. The Centre for International English Language Learning and Teacher Training Inc. through its Director contacted the Philippine Embassy in Hanoi to be clarified. Here are the details of the issues raised.

1. Repatriation Clause - The repatriation clause in the contract is no longer strictly imposed to workers in Vietnam. The embassy has cleared this from #DOLE thus the embassy will authenticate the contract even without this clause.

2. Life/Health Insurance - The embassy still requires that the ofw contract must contain life/health insurance. Then we further inquire, if the individual ofw will secure their own insurance will it be accepted? The embassy will still honor and authenticate the contract. It is up to #POEA to weigh on this.

To secure your OEC you must present:

1. Authenticated/Legalized Contract in English

2. #TRC / #WorkPermit

3. #Visa

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