The New Norm After Covid

The world has witnessed the massive impact of this deadly Corona Virus or Covid-19. It has put to pause even the busiest streets of the world. It has changed the dynamics of the city that never sleeps. It has already changed our lives and will continue to do so.

At present, nations around the globe are still struggling in finding the cure. But what is clear and doable is finding ways on how to contain it. There are countries which are gaining more successes and are about to rebound while there are those which are still baffled and lost. Taiwan is one of the few countries which was able to control the widespread of the virus. While, Vietnam now eases their community quarantine protocols and schools might return to operation by end of April or first week of May.

Scientists and environmentalists claim that this is the Earth's way of recuperating, healing and fixing what has been damaged by humans for many centuries. But, whether this is true or not, as an individual, we have to reflect on how to adapt and move forward.

Let us take a closer look at the education sector. Schools are now shifting to online classes and work from home teaching to be able to continue serving their clientele. There are universities offering distance learning or e-learning. Language schools are also moving away from the traditional delivery of the lesson to technology-led learning. There is a great surge of Online ESL teaching jobs around the world.

Now, the biggest challenge and the most important questions in which you have to answer are; What can you offer to the world after Covid? What positive development has Covid brought to you personal and professional life? If those what I mentioned earlier will become the new norm, are you prepared to embrace it?

If at this point, the world is resting. This should be our chance to work harder to better ourselves. So, when the world spins again, people will come out with a new hope, a new perspective in life, a new learning, a new skill, .

We should be equipped with the skill needed that will fit to the new norm.

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