Train Local, Be Global

International TEFL Training Institute Philippines is at the forefront in promoting quality teaching and teachers through TESOL and other teacher training programs. We are proud to have partnered with English Language Academies in Cebu, Philippines.

These are the teachers of MeRise English Academy, one of ITTI Philippines Corporate partners. We have been providing their teachers TESOL and Business English training for the past 3 years. Our partnership has lasted for many years and counting because the management saw the improvement in their sales due to increased student satisfaction. They have attributed this after their teachers were given training by ITTI Philippines.

MeRise English Academy has branches not only in Cebu, Philippines but in various key cities in Japan. Their main program is Business English. Their students are not just ordinary Japanese but Supervisors, Managers and CEO's of companies. Therefore, they needed teachers who are confident and capable to handle their students.

These pictures were taken in Japan. After their training in the Philippines, they are deployed in Japan. We also provide continuing or follow up training to make sure that teachers can produce the expected results of the company.

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