Vietnam Teaching Jobs

Indeed there is a glimpse of hope in the horizon. If you are planning to work as an #ESL/EFL teacher in #Vietnam now is the time to start preparing while the Philippines is still in the process of recovery. Read here: Vietnam is winning in the fight against Covid-19

#Schools in Vietnam are now recruiting teachers for May and the next school opening in August. We are also hopeful that other neighboring Asian countries will begin hiring such as #Thailand, #Taiwan or even #China. Read here: Students are returning back to school after months of closure.

A Word of Caution!

Don't be trapped easily by any offer just because you are desperate or otherwise. There are schools which are also badly in need of teachers and will promise heaven and earth to applicants, sweet talk them with promises specially if they see you as an easy target.

How to Prepare!

1. look at the ads; name of schools, location, #salary, hours of work and #benefits

2. ask around, search the name of schools, go to different fb pages for #Filipinos

3. the salary, if broken down to hours, should be at least 15 usd per hour

4. check your #credentials, do you have a 4 year #degree? can you confidently use #English in Speaking and Writing? do you have TESOL/TEFL/CELTA Certificates?

5. your documents must be DFA authenticated

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